When thinking of using the BRRRR (buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat) method or purchasing a fix-and-flip for the first time, it may be intimidating trying to figure out what the correct ARV (after-repair value) is for the property you’re considering. Since the ARV is such an important factor when considering whether to pursue an investment, it’s imperative that this analysis is done correctly. You would definitely hate to pass on a great deal because your ARV was too low or that your pursed an investment only to find out that your estimated ARV was too high. That’s why I don’t…

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My husband and I started acquiring properties in Jacksonville, Florida several years ago sight unseen while living in NYC. We recently moved back to Florida to grow our rental portfolio and help others do the same. After speaking with hundreds of investors that I’ve met on real estate blog sites, I realized that there is a disconnect on what investors think an agent should be doing for them and what an agent actually does. I’ve also seen many investors not move forward on a property because of the misconception of the agent’s responsibilities in the deal. …

Real estate partnerships
Real estate partnerships

When my husband and I purchased our first rental property in February of 2018, I never imagined that in two short years I would accomplish $1.3 million in real estate deals! It’s been a fun journey so far. In this article I will share the steps I took so that hopefully someone reading this and wanting to follow the same path can learn from it.

The First Three Properties

After saving and learning about real estate investing for about a year, we acquired our first rental property in February 2018 for $90,500. This one and all of our other acquisitions were purchased with 30-year…

A Guide to Measuring Real Estate Investment Risk Using the Cap Rate
A Guide to Measuring Real Estate Investment Risk Using the Cap Rate

As a prudent investor risk is always on our mind, especially given the current market environment. Before delving into any investment, we must fully understand the risk involved. The best way to understand the level of risk we are going to take on is by quantifying it. When we do that, we can compare investment opportunities to take advantage of the investments with the highest risk-adjusted return. …

In this article I will explain what a HELOC is and how you can use it to acquire more investment properties.

Let’s assume you saved up money for over a year, acquired a rental property, and now you’re back at zero savings in the bank. What do you do next? Well, hopefully, if you purchased the property under the appraised value and you put the standard 15 to 20 percent down, the property you purchased has some equity that you can tap into. …

For most investors, managing rental properties from out-of-state seems daunting. However, with some orginization and a capable team it’s actually a very fulfilling role. I currently own several rental properties in Florida while living in New York. I purchased these properties sight unseen, but that’s a story for another time. Many newbie investors see that we manage our properties from out-of-state and want to know how that’s possible. The truth is there’s not much of a difference from managing properties that are in your area or further away. Just last week the toilet in one of our properties was overflowing…

How to Conduct a Cash Flow Analysis for Rental Property Investments
How to Conduct a Cash Flow Analysis for Rental Property Investments
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Before we invest in any market, or any asset for that matter, we conduct analysis and let the results tell us whether it’s a smart investment or not.

Conducting analysis prior to making a real estate investment decision is key. Many people use their gut instincts. Maybe they have a hunch that a particular market will appreciate over time and blindly choose any property to convert into a rental. I believe the only way someone can make an investment decision with confidence is to conduct analysis beforehand. In this article I will explain the basics of how I conduct a real estate cash flow analysis, which can help you determine how much profit or loss you could generate from a particular rental property.

This analysis should be set…

There are many questions I often get asked from people that want to get into real estate investing. Two of the most commonly asked questions are, “how do you perform market analysis” and “what are the key metrics you look at that help you determine if a market is worth investing in?” At the moment, my husband and I own four rental properties in Jacksonville, Florida. Conducting fundamental market analysis brought us to our decision to invest in Jacksonville and helped us choose the neighborhoods as well. …

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to read my first article, Lessons From My First Real Estate Investment Deal, I’ll give you a little background. My husband Isaac and I are from South Florida and currently live in Brooklyn, NY. In 2016, after realizing how truly expensive it was to purchase an apartment for ourselves in New York City, we instead decided we wanted to build a rental portfolio to build a passive income stream. We began reading books and articles and listening to podcasts to build up our knowledge of real estate investing. …

Lessons from my first real estate investment deal
Lessons from my first real estate investment deal

My name is Elenis. Like many of you FIRE (financial independence, retire early) enthusiasts, my husband Isaac and I constantly listen to podcasts and read blogs on techniques to reduce our expenses and increase our income. We spent two years saving money to purchase our first real estate investment. In February 2018 we took the plunge by investing in a single family property in Florida, sight unseen, while living in Brooklyn, New York. We learned several important lessons throughout the process.

Elenis Camargo

My husband and I currently live in Jacksonville, FL, originally from Miami, FL. We invest in real estate with a goal of retiring young.

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